Wilbur's Paddock

For long term supporters of Kalleske you would all be well acquainted with Wilbur by now. He’s a member of the Kalleske Family and a damn fine pig.

So you will be happy to know that Wilbur is a picture of health and still living the good life, so good in fact he has outgrown his ‘kennel’ and upgraded to a newly built mansion (in pig terms).

It comes with all the mod-cons and a nice open plan living arrangement - Everything a pig could possibly need! It’s also thoughtfully situated under the shade of a row of trees right next to the winery office, so not too far away to make a noise and let Troy know when he is hungry.

Wilbur is certainly enjoying it and no doubt this will provide him with all the comfort he needs with a cold and wet Greenock Winter upon us. Of course there is room enough for Max (best mate - Sheep) as well, as the two of them don’t do too much without each other. It's fair to say that it was becoming quite a squeeze for them to both fit in their old place, albeit it didn't stop them from trying.


Antenna said...

I am very happy for him!
PS. I love the font of 'Wilbur' on his old house:) Who wrote??

Anonymous said...

Meeting Wilbur changed my life. From that day on I never ate pork again. He is an amazing chap and how lucky he is to have such a great place to live.

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