Wilbur's Paddock

For long term supporters of Kalleske you would all be well acquainted with Wilbur by now. He’s a member of the Kalleske Family and a damn fine pig.

So you will be happy to know that Wilbur is a picture of health and still living the good life, so good in fact he has outgrown his ‘kennel’ and upgraded to a newly built mansion (in pig terms).

It comes with all the mod-cons and a nice open plan living arrangement - Everything a pig could possibly need! It’s also thoughtfully situated under the shade of a row of trees right next to the winery office, so not too far away to make a noise and let Troy know when he is hungry.

Wilbur is certainly enjoying it and no doubt this will provide him with all the comfort he needs with a cold and wet Greenock Winter upon us. Of course there is room enough for Max (best mate - Sheep) as well, as the two of them don’t do too much without each other. It's fair to say that it was becoming quite a squeeze for them to both fit in their old place, albeit it didn't stop them from trying.

Q&A - Darren Nietschke

Darren is Troy's and Tony’s cousin and started working in the winery in 2007. He’s the Kalleske cellar-hand and takes care of all cellar duties during vintage and throughout the year. A Jack of all trades and a good guy to have around the place.

What do you do for fun?
A. I love my fishing, motorbike riding (currently getting ready for the 24 hour trial) and going to the pub with my mates – The ‘Snake Pit’ at the AP in Nuriootpa gets a fair bit of a work out. Garry always looks after us there. I also love getting out into the veggie garden on the family farm.

Q. Favourite Place to eat in the Barossa?
A. Eating is one my specialties and keeping in theme here The AP puts on a good feed. It certainly hits the spot after playing a tough game of footy.  The Stockwell Hotel is also another favourite and I can’t go past the Greenock Tavern either.

Q. Local Football? (Real mans football – Australian Rules)
A. I’m passionate about my football and love being a part of the ‘Nuri Tigers’ where I am coming up to my 10th season.  Hopefully I see the full season through after coming back from a knee reconstruction. It's great being involved in a local football team in the country.

Q. If you weren’t working for Kalleske…
A. I dare say I would be working on the family farm, which I still put a fair bit of time into anyway. Our farm is a biodynamic farm, which consists of grain, sheep and vineyards. Other than that I could see myself as a fisherman spending my days on the ocean.  I recently made my own port, so perhaps I could give Troy a run for his money (laughs).

Q. Favourite Kalleske wine to drink?
A. It’s a tough choice, but right now I’m leaning towards the Greenock Shiraz. Big bold single vineyard shiraz.

One for the local ladies and the million dollar question...

Q. When do you think you will settle down?
A. When the right one comes along – As simple as that… A good woman who knows her way around the kitchen would work well (laughs). 
*This is where we point out that Darren's Mum is a very tough act to follow in the Kitchen and Darren has been living the good life a little too long*

Future contestant for 'Farmer wants a Wife' or 'Marry my Boy'!

Vital Statistics
Age: 24
Lives: Koonunga Hill
Nicknames: Daz, Hookey (don't ask)