2013 Aspen Accord Study & Discussion Tour

We recently had the pleasure of hosting 30 people from the ‘2013 Aspen Accord Study & Discussion Tour’, who visited us with the aim to learn how Australian agriculture is responding to water, energy and climate change issues.

Tony Kalleske welcoming the guests.

Each of these visitors are leaders in their own respective fields from California and were interested to see first-hand from thought leaders and innovators outside their home state to help guide, inform and improve future policies and practices back home.

With Kalleske recognised as a leader in sustainability through our viticulture practices, (self sufficient in both water and electricity amongst numerous other practices). We spent the best part of a day showing what we have put in place to help combat any issues we may face in the winery.

All in all, it was a great day and extremely interesting to exchange ideas with like minded people, who understand the importance of sustainability and protecting our future.