Good to Go!

Pictured is the 1905 planting of dry grown Shiraz. Troy's just assessed it for flavour maturity and decided it's ripe for the picking. The grapes will be harvested tomorrow and will be destined for Kalleske Eduard Old Vine Shiraz.

2012 Kalleske Rosina Rosé Sample

Troy sampling the 'Future' 2012 Rosina Rosé #1

Troy sampling the 'Future' 2012 Rosina Rosé #2

Troy sampling the 'Future' 2012 Rosina Rosé #3
Kalleske Winery - Vintage 2012 in action

Ready Or Not?

During vintage, Troy & Kym regularly assess each of our 34 vineyard blocks to determine when flavours are ripe for the picking. Pictured is the Triangle block old vine Shiraz destined for Eduard Shiraz. It is still a few days away from optimum maturity. The block will be reasessed over the coming days with harvest likely to be early next week.

Spirit of Vintage

It's time to make some port! Pictured is Michael draining some partly fermented Greenock Shiraz into old port barrels. Brandy spirit is then added to the barrels to arrest the fermentation and preserve natural grape sweetness. A combination of young fresh spirit and up to 19 year old brandy is added for varying complexity. The barrels will mature for 1-2 years prior to bottling as Kalleske JMK Shiraz VP.

Vintage in Full Swing

The sights, sounds and smells of vintage are in full swing now as we have our busiest day out at the winery for vintage 2012.

All is going along nicely with fruit coming into the winery but still a little way to go before we have finished picking everything.

Photographs from today: