Hand-picking the 1875 Johann Georg Shiraz block

The other morning as the sun came up we picked our single vineyard Johann Georg Shiraz block, a small vineyard that was planted in 1875 by Johann himself.

John & Lorraine Kalleske 

Century old vines

It's been the driest spring for 100 years. But the resilience of old dry grown Shiraz is amazing. Pictured is our 108 year old dam block Shiraz, planted in 1905. Destined for Eduard Shiraz these vines are looking very good considering how dry the growing season has been. Likely to be harvested next week, quality should be stunning... Troy Kalleske.

Vintage in full swing

Vintage 2013 has kicked off with Shiraz being harvested in the past few days. Ferments are beginning converting the sweet grape juice into flavoursome wine. Pictured is Alex, our vintage cellarhand from South Africa, pumping over a Shiraz ferment... Troy Kalleske.

Vintage about to begin...

Vintage is almost upon us. At the moment we're wondering through the numerous blocks assessing flavour and sweetness for optimum maturity. Pictured are Chenin Blanc, still about a week away from harvest.... Troy Kalleske.

Almost Vintage

Well, it’s the 1st of February, holiday season well and truly over and almost time for vintage. The start to vintage 2013 is now only about 2 weeks away with the Chenin Blanc and first of the Shiraz likely to be harvested mid February. This is about 2-3 weeks earlier than normal due to the extreme drought we've experienced in the past 9 months.

The vintage 2013 winter and growing season has been about 50% drier than normal and it has also been warmer too. This has resulted in very low crop levels on the vine and as a result earlier ripening. So quantity will be down, however, quality at this stage is looking sensational. Berries are very small giving a high skin to juice ratio and hence excellent colour and flavour intensity. We'll ultimately only know in the next few months but so far looking good for some stunning wines from 2013 - Troy Kalleske.